corporate culture

 High quality
  Ricoh Electromechanical treats every customer seriously and uses our serious and rigorous attitude to witness our growth.
  High efficiency
  Communicate directly with designers and programmers! We admire speed, like to feel the arrogance of the wind, so we will provide you with the most perfect solution within 3-5 working days, we refuse to drag!
High integrity
  What customers are, what they are thinking, what we need to do, these problems have been bothering us. But after a few years of practice, it is easy to find a good customer relationship, and that is sincere!
  Do not participate in the unpaid draft, we believe that in-depth communication and understanding is more important than the so-called "comparison" at any time! For us, time and energy are limited resources. It is our duty to put more thoughts on the customers and projects that have been signed and trusted, and to provide them with better design and service. It is the responsibility.
  We can't accept the so-called "first out of the home page to understand your strength", "our situation is different, afraid that you are not well designed". A large number of successful cases are enough to illustrate our strength and standard. If our case, performance, and professionalism are not enough to be entrusted, it can only explain one problem: we need each other the next suitable partner!