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Precision preparation to increase the processing cost of met

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With the large-scale distribution of metal-appearing mobile phones, the capacity of continental metal casings is in short supply. In this context, Changying Precision (300115.SZ) is preparing to increase the processing cost of CNC (CNC machine tools) by about 30%.

Industry insiders said that the company has now adopted a flexible price adjustment plan for orders for metal casings delivered by some customers. The price of the company's CNC processing will rise in the next two months, with the highest price adjustment of nearly 30%. The source said that 30% of the increase is the current peak season price, and the price can last at least until October.

According to the Great Wisdom News Agency (micro-signal: DZH_news), the current production capacity of Changying Precision 1300 CNC machines is full. After the CNC terminal price rises by 30%, the theoretical monthly output value will exceed 50 million yuan; plus stamping, forging, Die casting, anodizing and other processes, the company's metal casing appearance parts of the single month theoretical output value will exceed 120 million yuan. The company's mobile phone and mobile communication terminal metal structure (appearance) last year's operating income was only 558 million yuan. Another company said that it will expand the number of CNCs to 1,500 units in September this year and expand to 2,000 units by the end of the year. The increase in production capacity will lead to further increase in output value and increase in profits.