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CNC advantages and disadvantages

CNC machining has the following advantages:

1 A large number of tooling is reduced, and complicated parts are processed without complicated tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.

2 The processing quality is stable, the processing precision is high, the repeating precision is high, and it is suitable for the processing requirements of the aircraft.

The production efficiency is higher in the case of 3 varieties and small batch production, which can reduce the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the use of cutting amount.

4 It can process complex profiles that are difficult to machine by conventional methods, and even process unprocessable parts.

The disadvantage of CNC machining is that the machine tool is expensive and requires a high level of maintenance personnel.
How to calculate the processing price of Ruixin hardware parts

1, first depends on your drawings and technical requirements

2, the material of each place is artificial, there are some places where the price difference is very large

3. The general parts are calculated according to the material cost + processing fee + profit. The processing fee is determined by the process. The price of using different processing equipment is of course different. Some calculations according to working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.) Some are calculated according to the process (such as how much the folding board is folded, how much is the ordinary drilling, etc.)

4, there is a question of quantity, the amount is large, of course, if it is a single piece, it will be miserable. Even if it is a small piece, the material is not retail, it is the price of your whole board! For example, you said 0.3, manufacturers are not commonly used, if you only have one or two, if you buy materials only once to buy a board (such as 1220 * 2440) then your material costs will be spent.

5, the problem of the processing plant If the parts processing plant can get it, of course, there is no problem, if the processing plant itself has some processes to be outsourced, then the price will increase accordingly. If you are already a foreign company, it is equivalent to two outreach! So looking for a processing factory is also looking for the right, looking for what they can do, good at doing.
The specific CNC machining price calculation:

CNC lathe processing fee: The standard algorithm is working time * wage per working hour + fixed cost that should be apportioned, such as depreciation. Generally, the processing cost of CNC machine tools is 40-50 yuan per hour. The machine is about 1 meter, and the ordinary vertical machine. The price of a machine with a small number of places has increased slightly by more than 10 yuan. Of course, depending on the processing capabilities of the machine, the price will vary.
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  CNC machining

CNC, also known as computer cymbal, CNCCH or CNC machine tool, is actually a name in Hong Kong. Later it was introduced into the Pearl River Delta of the mainland. In fact, it is a CNC milling machine. It is a machine called "CNC Machining Center" in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. This is a new type of processing technology. The main task is to prepare the processing program, which is to transfer the original manual to computer programming. Of course, you need experience with manual processing.